Web Accessibility

Thank you for visiting our Official FCA brand merchandise site. We have made significant updates to make sure our sites are accessible for all humans. As such, our website offers the following features meant to make navigating easier.

Additional Label Tags:

We've added additional label tags and title attributes on our website, in links and content, with the aim of improving accessibility to information for people who have difficulties using their hands, ensuring they have a positive experience interacting with our website.

Alternative text in the pictures:

We've added alternative text to our images and content with a descriptive meaning that can be read by the search engines, that will help people with visual or cognitive disabilities to understand the information clearly.

Contrast Colors:

We've modified the contrast of the colors of our Website in order to be identified by people with color perception deficiencies or in black and white screens. This helps to get the right interpretation of our content.

Site Map:

We've created a page with links and access to all the content so that users can easily navigate through our Website and easily find the information they need.

Screen Readers:

To improve our Website, we test it daily with assistive technology such as screen readers and screen magnifiers